28 June 2009

she had so much soul

Left, Arden B. Right, Bebe.

Generally what we do on Wednesday nights. =)

Balmainnnnnn heels!

Top, Arden B. Jeans, Forever, Heels, Balmain...

Please excuse my boobs hanging out, its a bad picture!

06 June 2009



Ok, I got a pair! Onv mine are knock offs from eBay, but that's cool cuz they look exactly the same! I'll post a pic soon!

2nd. Cute Nicky Hilton Street Style

I have a dress exactly like that. Must recreate.

3rd. Chanel Street Style

4th KarDASHians

I just thought this was a cool picture. lol.

02 June 2009

Harbor Side

Jumpsuit & Bangle, Forever 21.

06 May 2009

Perfection... And not so much


Not so much...

Honestly, Ashley has never looked better (OK, she probably has). But she looks so good, she really made me proud, haha. And Chanel is totally age appropriate and still being fun. They're really proving their status' here. And Mary Kate, jeez, try harder. Kate, the ONLY thing that saves you is that your on the arm of Marc Jacobs, lucky you!

28 April 2009


Top & Skirt, Forever 21. Heels, gojane.

Yawn. Another boring day at work! Hope you guys had a great day.

I've just been wearing neutrals lately, I don't feel like anything else.

27 April 2009

soooooo..... cool

Kate is the coolest. I regret not buying this dress! Ugh.

19 April 2009



Trench, Random store in Florence. Leggings, WalMart. Boots, Steve Madden.

17 April 2009

Polyvore Love

Love the 1st image!

All pictures, Polyvore.