07 October 2008



Awesome Picture.

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03 October 2008

Gucci <3


Soo, I know that this dress is old.. from winter of 07 I believe! But I loved it since I first saw it on Rihanna at a benefit, and I'm sure everyone know this dress was very popular. And Kim Stewart also wore it, but obv Rihanna wore it wayyy better! Anyway I just wanted to share I got this dress last month at the Gucci outlet store in Florence. I loved it and I'm looking for a belt similar to the one these ladies wore because it enhances the dress so much more! I'm thinking of something thick and patent leather-y.

29 September 2008

Back to Black

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I used to think people who wore all black were lazy, had no style, or worked at makeup counters. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things! In the past two years, I have totally embraced this look and realized how chic it looks. I think the key to getting this right is fit, proportion, and layering. When i had dark hair, I felt like I looked too goth. But with lighter hair, I felt like it looked a lot better when I wore all black. I hope that this collage brings inspiration of rocking this look. I also think its so easy to wear. Also, I think this is a look that can be worn during all seasons, though it definitely lends itself more to the colder months.


This is what I wore a few days ago..

Jeans, 7 for all Mankind, Top, H&M, Bag, Balenciaga.

28 September 2008

Star Style: Lauren Conrad

I've always been a big LC Fan, back in the 1st season of Laguna Beach. I grew up about two towns over, and would occasionally see camera crews and the whole deal. It was... strange. Anyway I am glad that her celebrity has gotten so big, I've met her personally few times, and have met several people who know her well. She really is a sweet girl. I know she gets a lot of flack for being boring and too "safe", but I think she knows what suits her and her style and she sticks to it, which is admirable. Here are some of my favorite outfits of hers from recent. Later I'll do a post on how her style has evolved.

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Source: StyleHive.com

I love her highwaisted skirts, for the most part they are very flattering and easy to wear. As far as her collection goes, I think its very ho-hum, I wouldn't spend that much on something that generic. I think all the pieces are something you can find elsewhere at a fraction of the price.

Oh, here's a pic of me and LC and Heidi (gasp) and my cousin in 2006. Yeah, there's a weird flash on my face!

27 September 2008

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Florence Italy


Took a little trip with my cousin to the Ferragamo flagship store in Florence today. The exhibit was okay, not that exciting. But it was great to see his drawings and old photographs. :)

26 September 2008


Made a collage of last summer going out.. Enjoy :)

Where I'm From


And that's basically it. Obv this is my birthplace and it has influenced all aspects of my life, even fashion. Any questions, just ask :)

1st Post!

Hi, I've decided to start my own blog. I'm sure if you're reading this you know that blogs have been popular..For a while. I have been reading fashion and beauty blogs for about 2+ years, and starting my own blog has been something I've wanted to do for a long time! I'm really looking forward to the challenge. Blogging has made me realize just how many other people across the world are just that interested in fashion as much as I am. Feel free to email me anytime. Ohh, and thanks for stopping by.