28 June 2009

she had so much soul

Left, Arden B. Right, Bebe.

Generally what we do on Wednesday nights. =)

Balmainnnnnn heels!

Top, Arden B. Jeans, Forever, Heels, Balmain...

Please excuse my boobs hanging out, its a bad picture!

06 June 2009



Ok, I got a pair! Onv mine are knock offs from eBay, but that's cool cuz they look exactly the same! I'll post a pic soon!

2nd. Cute Nicky Hilton Street Style

I have a dress exactly like that. Must recreate.

3rd. Chanel Street Style

4th KarDASHians

I just thought this was a cool picture. lol.

02 June 2009

Harbor Side

Jumpsuit & Bangle, Forever 21.